Pangandaran Beach

Ciamis, one of the regenship in West Java Indonesia, having a beautiful beach named Pangandaran Beach. Its located 92 km from Ciamis city or  236 km from Bandung, capital West Java.

Characterized with jutting into the sea of land so you can see sunrise in the morning and sunset at noon. It also have a sloping beach, clean water and long tidal wave that make it suitable for swiming activity. Although sometime there is warning  in some area. Because Pangandaran Beach is a part of  Southern Java Coast who well known for its dangerous wave.

Beside the beauty of its beach there are interesting atraction held annually. Such as “upacara hajat laut” an offering ceremony as thankfull for God that used to held on Muharram (first month on Islamic calender). And every June and July usually held “International Kite Festival”.

Not so far from Pangandaran there are many others interesting tourism site such as, Batu Karas Beach, Batu Hiu Beach, Karang Nini Beach, Lembah Putri Beach, Kuesik Luhur Beach, Karang Tirta Beach, Donan Cave, Natural Hotspring Citumang, Cukang Taneuh and Pananjung Natural Reserve. Or you could visit fish auction post. buying a fresh fish then  ask restaurant to cook it.

Pangandaran Beach having complete facility. You can rent bike  or other vehicle such as car or motor cycle. The costs are cheap, vary from $3 to $5. You could found it on all the way to Pangandaran. So you caould travelling and exploring around the beach.

Some hotel in Pangandaran provide equipment for water sport such as parasailing, jetski, wind Surfing, scuba diving, and snorkling. Or you could feel sensation sailing with local fishermen’s ship that have modify.

Pangandaran could be access from Bandung in Cicaheum station. There are bus route Bandung Pangandaran. Or you could use transprovincial bus to central Java. It need 12 hours from Jakarta to reach it


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